Customer Reviews

 Top quality candles....the scents are so powerful and natural smelling. truly  impressed. Black Ice and Spruce Orchard are ahhhhh-mazing!!!! ~ Paula S

If I may say, I order her tarts all the time. Even before she started this I was using them. They are so wonderful. My whole house fills with the scent with only one warmer going. ~ Jenni T.

 I bought a couple pillar candles (for gifts). They arrived just as I hoped..., neatly packaged and AWESOME!!!!! 😃 The aroma was heavenly to say the least!!!!

When I gave them to my friends, the smiles just lit up like sunshine. 😃😃 They couldn't get over how beautiful, unique and the robust the the scents were. 😃

I knew right then and there and that I have found the perfect gift. My friend and I operate in the entertainment business. We do several bridal fairs every year and the venue asks us to offer a gift to one of the brides. CRAFTED CANDLES "WILL BE" our choice from now on!!!

Their unique beauty and awesome scents far & away exceed any others I have ever seen!!!

We pride ourselves on providing the very best entertainment possible at a very competitive price…, Those are the ethics we instill in our business. We've found one of the few who shares the same dedication and devotion to the clients & customers. CRAFTED CANDLE??? ...., thank you! ~ Thomas V.

I just got the CRANBERRY CHUTNEY jar and NAG CHAMPA pillar. love, love, love the smells. when it's not burning, the scent radiates from both the jar when leaving the top off & pillar - it is like having an air freshener and candle all in one. this would be especially great for the custom made pillars to fit any color décor in the house. great job, lady !